Yassine HABIBI Biographie

Yassine HABIBI

The Golden Voice of the Imperial City of Morocco. Rouh Ensemble - Soufi and Sacred Music

Taking you where the spirits of music lovers meet, the Rouh ensemble touches deeply into your soul to make you discover beauty and purity, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

The Rouh Ensemble works together with world musicians in traditional sense and has set it self the goal of preserving the special inheritance of the Moroccan ,North African and Arabian music traditions. The ensemble aim is to be part of the national and international artist scene and to give new importance to spiritual music . They use the rich Moroccan heritage, blending in other modern styles.

Nowadays, tolerance and love are becoming more and more rare.so it is our human and musical task to spread a universal message in order to revive these values which are decisive for happy life.

Sufi music is the general term for regionally different styles of religious music in Islam and is part of the ritual religious practices of members of the Sufi order .

As you listen to the voice to soloist Yassine Habibi and the chorus around him, in a harmonious, musical atmosphere, you will be convinced of your event’s success.

The group is composed of several music teachers, gifted musicians and a choir of a high level.

The aim of the ensemble is to be part of the national and international artistic scene and to give a new lease of life to spiritual and sacred music, by using the rich Moroccan heritage and also by integrating styles from abroad to local music such as Gnawa and Aissaoua. At the same time, we aim to represent Moroccan authenticity.

Yassine Habibi was born in 1984 in Meknes, the city of art, civilization and authenticity. It is in this imperial city that Yassine learnt the secrets of singing, following his artistic path while finishing his studies in humanities in his native city.

From a young age, he proved his talent on a local level, singing spiritual songs in a traditional style, which he masters perfectly. The most important event of his carreer so far was his participation in the spiritual singing competition “Munshid Sharjah 3”, organized by TV channel Sharjah TV in the United Arab Emirates, in which he represented Morocco. After four big weekly events and more than 60 episodes, Yassine confirmed his supremacy in the Arab world by winning the runner-up prize from the jury.

dates importantes

  • Spectacle de Musique Sacrée à la Villa des Arts de Casablanca - [Juin 2015]
  • Festival de Fes des Musiques Sacrées du monde - [Juin 2014]
  • Festival Musica Sacra International - Allemagne , Belgique et Pays-Bas. - [Juin 2014]
  • Festival de Téléfilm de Meknes - [Mars 2014]
  • Festival Interreligieux au Zénith Sud de Montpellier. - [Avril 2014]
  • Les deux Grandes Nuits Soufies de la cité impériale Meknès. - [Décembre 2013]
  • 3 ème Expo islamique à Helsinki, Finlande. - [Novembre 2013]
  • Festival Beau voisinage Montréal, Canada (Juillet 2013).Festival Oualili - Meknès. - [Juin 2013]
  • Concert de solidarité avec le peuple syrien à l'institut du Monde Arabe à Paris. - [Février 2013]
  • Tournée artistique du Mawlid à Montréal et Ottawa au Canada. - [Janvier 2013]
  • Tournée printemps de la culture à Montpellier, Nîmes et Lodève. - [Avril 2012]
  • Festival Des Musiques Sacrées à Fès. - [2009, 2010 et 2011]
  • Festival Grand Ramdam à la cité de la musique à Paris. - [Août 2011]
  • Festival international des cultures soufies à Tripoli libye. - [Février 2010]
  • Festival Des Musiques Sacrées du monde à Fès. - [2009, 2010 et 2011]
  • Festival International Des Arts Et Cultures de Meknes - [Mai & Juin 2014 / Mai 2013]
  • Grand Mawlid de Paris - [09 Janvier 2016 à 17h00]
  • Festival international de la culture soufi à Fes - [21 Octobre 2017]
  • Festival nationale de Patrimoine Marocain à Fes - [11 Octobre 2017]